Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth

Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth

The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth is a new affordable MRI scanning service. Based at the college clinic since September 2014.  It means  the AECC is now only one of a few upright MRI scanner locations in the UK. It is one of the only facilities in the country and is currently the only location on the South Coast of England.

The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth is a 1 million pound investment for the college. They follow a program of dedicated and focused investment. The college continues to bring their facilities into the 21st Century. The MRI scanner is housed in a purpose built extension at the AECC’s Clinic building.

The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth is one of the busiest college based chiropractic clinics in Europe. It is an ideal location for The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth.

We are fortunate to have this internationally renowned facility on our doorstep.

What is the Upright MRI Scanner

The scanner is completely different from a conventional tunnel MRI scanner. Patients are not required to lie down. This increases their personal and physical comfort making people feel more relaxed.

The scanner service provides conventional MRI scans and also caters for patients who dislike confined spaces. It particularly suits patients who suffer with claustrophobia and find it difficult to tolerate confined and closed spaces.

Some people feel either claustrophobic when having to have a conventional  MRI scan and prefer a standing MRI. This type of vertical MRI scanner suits patients who can not lie supine (on their back) due to injury or discomfort. They therefore need to be scanned upright for their own comfort. The stand up MRI scanner offers this option and allows scans in a variety of positions of their neck, back or limbs.

The upright MRI scanner also suits larger framed patients. Some people for this reason feel less suited to the tunnel scanner. The upright MRI scanner has larger gaps between the magnet plates and hence more space.

The Upright MRI Scanner at AECC Clinic Bournemouth can scan patients in a variety of positions including sitting and standing.

How does an MRI Scanner Work?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and is a type of scan of the body that produces detailed images of the inside of your body using very radio waves and strong magnetic fields. It is another way to obtain images of the body without using xrays. Some of the time during the MRI scan, there will be loud tapping noises. The electrical current in the scanner coils make this noise as they are turned on and off.

The Anglo European Chiropractic College

The AECC has an international reputation as a leader in musculoskeletal healthcare, research and training . It is an institution dedicated to excellence in education, clinical training and research. The college continues to offer these state-of-the-art facilities such as this and they have an impeccable reputation. The AECC  continue to drive innovation and development on all levels nationally and internationally.

I completed my chiropractic training there over 30 years ago and it continues to go from strength to strength, leading the way investing in innovative and far reaching programs.

How Much Does the Upright MRI Scanner Cost?

The upright open MRI scanner service is a self-pay service. The cost of an MRI scan vary and the AECC Clinic aim to keep these at an affordable level.  Costs vary and it is advisable to contact the college direct for a more precise quote or price guide.

The AECC chiropractic college accept privately insured patients where the insurance funding has been previously arranged and pre authorised.

How does the Upright MRI Scanner work

The upright MRI scanner at the AECC Clinic Bournemouth is operated by a radiographer, who is trained in carrying out imaging investigations

This handy explanatory You Tube Video from the AECC where Mel Jones, Superintendent MRI Radiographer at the Bournemouth Open Upright MRI, explains the benefit of the service: About Bournemouth Open MRI Scanner

How we Use the MRI Service

AECC Principal Haymo Thiel reminded us in 2014 following the installation of the upright MRI scanner that the open MRI was a unique alternative to traditional methods of scanning:

“This scanner is very unique as it will be one of only four in the country and it provides an alternative to the traditional tunnel experience.”

How to get a referal to the Upright MRI Scanner

I refer chiropractic patients to the MRI service when required. Myself or other healthcare providers and clinicians download a form and refer our patients to the clinic. The AECC Clinic then get in touch directly and make the arrangements for the appointment with the patient.

Results are then sent directly back to myself or the referring clinician once they have been read by the professional radiographers at the AECC.

I often use the service for a variety of conditions which require further investigation before a course of chiropractic treatment .The service is quick, convenient and locally based, less than 5 or 6 miles from my chiropractic clinic at Poole Road Medical Centre in Bournemouth.